Summer Camp – Green Commission 2020

Yep, you read that correctly, I do take commissions. However, there are several qualifiers for whether or not I’ll accept a commission. Here’s a list of the most important stuff to consider:

What I will do:

  1. Believe it or not, I will consider matching your sofa! Honestly, I have no beefs about starting with a color palette that will harmonize (or not, if that’s what you want) with your decor. While I’ll start with a harmonizing color palette, every color in the painting will not exactly match your sofa, unless you are going for an extremely limited palette or your sofa is psychedelic 😉
  2. I work with images that you provide and add some of my own if necessary. I digitally collage scans of images and use the collage as reference material for your painting.
  3. I enjoy painting people, pets and other animals within the natural landscape. I particularly like working from old photos so dig out those pictures of the old family farmstead or of grandma or great granddad herding turkeys, catapulting themselves into space, or doing the jig, the quirkier the better!
  4. I determine the price of a painting by size, medium and content.

What I won’t do:

  1. This is self-explanatory but important – please be well acquainted with my work. I don’t take commissions that require me to match someone else’s “style.”
  2. I don’t do traditional or photorealistic portraiture. If you want yourself, your kids or grandkids in a painting by me, they will be loosely painted and part of a bigger whole.
  3. I no longer make painted copies of my prior paintings. If you are interested in something that has sold, please inquire about the availability of museum quality prints.
  4. I don’t paint on unusual objects. While it sounds like a screamin’ good time, I cannot guarantee the archival qualities of paint on unusual surfaces. Your choices are stretched canvas or cradled birch panel, at least for now.

It All Happened on Clinton Street – Weehawkin Commission 2020

The commission process:

  1. I’ll send you an email with a list of things I need from you.
  2. We’ll set up a meeting (in person or online) when you’ve completed #1.
  3. During the meeting, we’ll discuss what you want (rough size, content, medium) and look at the photos you’ve collected.
  4. I’ll take a few days to mull things over and decide if I’m a good fit for your project. You, too, will take a few days to consider whether or not I’m the right artist for your project.
  5. If it’s a “go,” we’ll both sign a commission agreement, and I’ll collect a $300 sketch/collage fee.
  6. I’ll go into my studio and begin collaging and sketching.
  7. We’ll set up another meeting to review collages and/or sketches.
  8. If you don’t approve, I’ll go back the studio and give it a second shot. If we can’t work out the collage or sketches to your liking by the third attempt (this has not happened to me before), this is where we have the option to stop the process. I keep the $300 fee to cover my time and materials and we go our separate ways. If we decide to press forward, each additional round of collages and/or sketches incurs an additional fee of $150.
  9. If you approve the sketches and/or collage and agree with the final size, support, medium, due date, and the price, I’ll collect an installment of 50% of the final painting price.
  10. I start painting (my favorite part!), but you won’t see your painting until it is finished.
  11. The big reveal – yep, this is where you see and collect your painting and I collect the final balance.
  12. If I’m shipping the painting to you, you can approve of it electronically. Crating, shipping and insurance costs will be added to the final balance and must be paid before your painting is shipped.
  13. If there are any minor corrections that you’d like made, I’ll make these and have your painting ready for pickup or shipping within a few weeks after the original due date.
  14. This has never, EVER happened to me, but if we cannot come to a happy place where you are satisfied, I keep the painting, the collages and/or sketches and their fees, and the 50% downpayment. I won’t collect the final balance. We both lose in this scenario and I’d be crushed if it ever happened. This is why I’ve put this artist/collector process in place, to make sure that communication is clear and that this doesn’t happen!

Cowboy Band – The Elizabeth Commission via Ninedot Arts 2017

If you are interested in commissioning a painting, please follow the link below.