Illustration Portfolio

While I’ve been painting professionally for over a decade, illustration is a new adventure for me. It feels quite natural since my paintings are narrative and worked in a series. Children’s book illustration is a joy and I love doing it so, SO much! I’m also learning to write picture book stories and hope to be a picture book author/illustrator someday. I must start somewhere so here are my beginnings. More work to follow in the future.

Kidlit Illustrations & Book Projects

Home Sweet Spaceship

A picture book about friendship, communication, and persistence. Ages 4-8.

Crow’s nest is in disrepair and he needs a new one, a practical something where he can bake his forest-famous cheesecake. Woot wants an almost impossible something, a spaceship for adventurous lunar expeditions with a side mission of gathering moon cheese to help make his friend’s cheesecake even better. In spite of their best intentions – miscommunication, mismatched purposes, and comical outside influences create a series of ridiculous and useless somethings. They should pause and plan together, but will they?

What Dogs Do

A picture book about the secret activities of your family’s dog. Ages 4-8

What does your dog do during the day while you’re at school? It will definitely surprise you!

Character studies and miscellaneous

Practice makes perfect; here are my noodles and doodles, for better or for worse.