Marmot Mayhem

These guys are ramped up and ready to go to the museum, and when I explained that they have to wait until June, total mayhem broke out. The marmots ran rampant throughout the studio and a few escaped outside. The whistling was so loud that my ears rang for days afterward. I snapped this photo when I settled them down and put them back into their boxes. Let’s hope they stay there until they are transported to Loveland and go on exhibit. If you see a stray, florescent marmot, don’t try to capture it (they bite) but loudly shout, “Marmot, go HOME!”

Feed a Starving Artist

While I’m not considered by any measure a classically starving artist, I have the most wonderful neighbors who make sure I have a well-rounded and often gourmet meal once a week during this incredibly busy time as I prepare for the upcoming exhibit. I have a roof over my head, groceries in the fridge, clothing on my back, and a studio in which to work, all for which I’m extremely grateful. However, I’ve been averaging 75-80 hours per week in the studio, which is glorious but doesn’t leave much time for meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, or other important, general maintenance things. I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches, trail mix, and, I’m ashamed to admit, not-too-healthful prepared foods as well. But Barry Doyle, the most marvelous cook that I’ve ever encountered personally, gives me a meal to look forward to each week. It’s like having the best restaurant in town right out my back door that also includes engaging conversation and great company. His wife, Eve, makes sure we have something sweet at the end of the meal. I call her the Dessert Goddess. In addition to all this belly-filling love, they send me home with leftovers. I have the best neighbors EVER, and I’m sorry if I’ve made you jealous 😉

Barry Doyle, my “personal chef”, who comes complete with a toque. (There’s a photo of the Dessert Goddess in my prior post about studio assistants)