Telluride Arts Headquarters recently added new space to their existing gallery on W Colorado Ave in Telluride and I have been invited to hang the first exhibit; pretty cool, right?!? They will hang the Human/Nature series for the month of February 2023. I’m excited to get these paintings on view again and hope to see you there on opening night.

Exhibit Title: Human/Nature

Location: Telluride Arts HQ Gallery Annex, 224 W Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO

Dates of Exhibit: February 2023

Opening reception: Telluride “Art Walk”, Feb 2, 2023

Time: TBA

Marmot Mayhem

These guys are ramped up and ready to go to the museum, and when I explained that they have to wait until June, total mayhem broke out. The marmots ran rampant throughout the studio and a few escaped outside. The whistling was so loud that my ears rang for days afterward. I snapped this photo when I settled them down and put them back into their boxes. Let’s hope they stay there until they are transported to Loveland and go on exhibit. If you see a stray, florescent marmot, don’t try to capture it (they bite) but loudly shout, “Marmot, go HOME!”