My Studio Assistants are Rockstars!

I want to start my blog about the upcoming Loveland exhibit by giving a shout-out to the most fabulous team of volunteer studio assistants for which a girl could ever wish. And yes, I wrote “volunteer.” These folks give up their precious time to help me build stretchers, stretch, size, and prime canvases, lump clay onto armatures, slush mold resin critters, organize supplies, and many other types of busywork that free me up to create the art. Heck, folks are preparing meals and snacks for me and my currently neglected spouse, who has also been a tremendous support. He’s been hard at work, constructing my new studio and helping me with random things, especially those that require a woodshop. I have a mind-boggling amount of work to do in a relatively short period of time, and my community has stepped up to help me get it done by providing a jaw-dropping amount of support. My eyes are misty as I write this because it’s wonderful to be loved and supported in an endeavor that means so much to me. Many, many thanks to the most fantastic studio assistants on the planet; I couldn’t do this without you!

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