The Journey Begins


Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive. – Mercedes LackeySecretSociety2345SurveyingTheirKingdom

Thanks for joining me! I’ve been procrastinating for months (okay, years, if I’m honest) on building a new website. The process was maddening, hair-pulling, and retina-burning from staring at a screen for eons. It’ll take me weeks to recover my sanity, but my new site is finally completed.

I plan to use the blog portion of my site to record the journey towards my next series, which will explore the often quirky relationship that we have with the natural environment. I’ll most likely push the boundaries of the ridiculous and border on goofy, but this is what happens when you drive yourself insane by building a new website. I’ll ride this wave because isn’t it true that most artists are a little off-beat anyway? It’ll simply add to my image. That’s good, right?

Please join me on my journey. I’m sure it’ll be chock-full of snickering, eye-rolling, questioning, philosophizing, hair-raising adventure, and I’m sure we’ll all come out of this alive!

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